Business object Interview Question and Answers

5. What are user objects?
  • A universe consists primarily of classes and objects, created by the universe designer.
  • If the objects in a universe do not meet your needs, you can customize the universe by creating your own objects, which are called user objects.
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6. How do you publish BO report?
  There are 2 ways of publishing BO reports on website
  • User who has publishing rights for a document can publish that document for other users.
  • Documents can be published via a scheduler for Business Object known as BCA or Broadcast Agent.
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7. What are the types of users in Business Objects?
  • General Supervisor
  • Supervisor
  • Designer
  • Supervisor-Designer
  • End User
  • Versatile User
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8. What is the difference betweeen class and universe?
  • A class is a collection of objects based on business categories.
  • A universe is a set of classes and objects intended for a specific application or group of users.
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