Business object Interview Question and Answers

9. What are the types of business objects repository domain?
  The repository is made up of three domains are:
  • The security domain
  • The universe domain
  • The document domain
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10. What is an object?
  An object is a logical mapping of data or derivation of data in the database. It is the most refined component in a universe. For multidimensional analysis these objects are categorized into three types:
  • Dimension: Dimension objects are the parameters for analysis. It is basically character information.
  • Detail: Detail object is the description about the dimensional object. It is not basically focused for analysis.
  • Measure: Measure object is the numeric information by which the dimension object is measured.
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11. What are the standard mode and extended mode and secured mode?
  • Standard mode: able to access users only within that group.
  • Extended mode: to allow the group supervisors' access to users outside their own group(s) so that they can add or remove users to their own groups, then you can do so by setting Scope Management to Extended Mode.
  • Secured mode: restrict the access of specific users to specific commands. the general supervisor by default uses the "Secured" mode of operation.
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12. Define cube?
  • A cube consists of a set of ordered dimensions and measures.
  • A cube may have one or several dimensions.
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