Business object Interview Question and Answers

13. What does a cluster consists of?
  A cluster is a collection of server machines, which communicate with each other via CORBA calls. There are two types of servers in a cluster:
  • The cluster manager, which is the central coordinator between all the servers in the system.
  • The universe domain
  • Cluster nodes, the subsequent servers, which handle scheduling, and document processing.
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14. What are two modes for importing users and groups from supervisor?
  • Batch Mode: The purpose of batch mode is to automate user and group import operations with no intervention from the interface.
  • Interactive Mode: Dialog boxes will appear as the file is imported to allow you to confirm the information. This is the default mode.
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15. What are the futures of multidimensional analyses?
  The following are the features of multidimensional analyses
  • Drill Down (For more details)
  • Drill Up (For summery details)
  • Drill Across (Like from year to different cities)
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16. Where are the types are relationship between tables?
  There three types are relationship between tables.
  • One to Many
  • One to One
  • Many to Many
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