Business Intelligence Interview Question and Answers

37. What are the types of Query Filter that you use in Web intelligence?
  There are four types of Query Filter you use in Web intelligence:
  • Predefined Filters
  • Single and Multi – value Filters
  • Prompted Filters
  • Complex Filters
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38. What is Business Objects?
  • Business Objects is a Dynamic Business intelligence reporting solution from Business Objects.
  • BUSINESS OBJECTS is an integrated query, reporting and analysis solution for business professionals that allow them to access the data in their corporate databases directly from their desktop and present and analyze this information in a BUSINESS OBJECTS document.
  • It is an OLAP tool that high-level management can use as a part of a Decision Support Systems (DSS).
  • BUSINESS OBJECTS makes it easy to access the data, because you work with it in business terms that are familiar to you, not technical database terms like SQL.
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39. What is designer?
  • Designer is a Business Objects IS module used by universe designers to create and maintain universes.
  • Universes are the semantic layer that isolates end users from the technical issues of the database structure.
  • Universe designers can distribute universes to end-users by moving them as files through the file system, or by exporting them to the repository.
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40. What are all the data providers supported by BO?
  • Queries on Universe
  • Stored procedure
  • Free hand SQL
  • Text files or Spread sheets
  • VBA Procedures
  • OLAP servers
  • SAP
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