Business Intelligence Interview Question and Answers

49. What is the technique used in the BCA?
  • BROADCAST AGENT is a collection of server components that can be deployed over a distributed CORBA network.
  • The distributed architecture enables scalability, load balancing and failover.
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50. What is a report bursting?
  Report bursting allows you to maintain the version documents based on the user profiles.
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51. What are the resources that are managed by supervisor?
  • Business objects products
  • Universes
  • Documents
  • Repository domains
  • Stored Procedure
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52. What are the roles of BO Administrator?
  The following are the responsibility assigned to administrator
  • Installations and configurations in a distributed environment .
  • Creating the BO Enterprise Repository.
  • Performing back up and recovery of Metadata.
  • Tuning the servers.
  • Deployment of reports.
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