Business Intelligence Interview Question and Answers

9. What is a hierarchy?
  • A hierarchy is an ordered series of related dimensions grouped together to perform multidimensional hierarchy.
  • The relationship between object in the hierarchy is one – to – many.
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10. What are the types of hierarchy?
  There are two types of hierarchies
  • Default hierarchy: It contains the dimension objects in the order in which they are presented in the class.
  • Custom hierarchy: A custom hierarchy is created from default hierarchy.
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11. How do you create a universe, step-by-step approach?
  Designing, Creating and maintaining a universe The phased in this include:
  • Planning: Break down the information system into functional areas.
  • Analysis: Analyze the information needs of users
  • Design: Design a conceptual schema
  • Design: The specification of a universe
  • Implementation: Create a universe with DESIGNER
    Distribute the universe
    Repeat the above steps for other universes
  • Maintenance: Update and maintain the universe
    Notify end users of changes.
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12. What is Scope of Analysis?
  • "Scope of analysis" means a subset of data, returned by a query that you will use for analysis in your report.
  • The data for your scope of analysis does not appear in the report until you decide that you want to use it in analysis.
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