Business Intelligence Interview Question and Answers

13. What is join?
  • Join is the relation that occurs between the two tables that helps to combine into one table.
  • The purpose of join is that to restrict the Cartesian product.
  • The join is specified in the Where clause of the sql statement.
The different types of joins are
  • Equi join - is based on the equality between the values in the column. Because the same column is present in both tables, the join synchronizes the two tables.
  • Outer join - An outer join links two tables, one of which has rows that do not match those in the common column of the other table.
  • Theta join - A theta join links tables based on a relationship other than equality between two columns.
  • Shortcut join - Shortcut joins can be used in schemas containing redundant join paths leading to the same result, regardless of direction.
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14. What is a data provider?
  The data source (Query) is called as the data provider.
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15. Did you do metadata reporting in BO?
  • Metadata reporting of BO is possible. BO provides a separate universe which actually contains repository tables, objects etc.
  • Using this Universe one can do metadata reporting in BO.
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16. What are the ways by which u can distribute the universe?
  There are two ways to distribute a universe: through the repository or through the file system.
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