Business Intelligence Interview Question and Answers

21. What is the difference between Built-in-strategies and External strategies?
  • Extracting the joins with tables
  • Detect cardinalities in joins
  • Create default classes and objects from the tables
  • Objects - In this we can set how the objects to be displayed in the universe pane
  • Joins - In this we can set how the joins between the tables has to be retrieved like matching column names or matching names etc.
  • Tables - In this it will reads the table structure from the database.
  • The other strategies are
  • Setting the number of rows to be retrieved - default 100
  • The number of row retrieved from database
  • The execution time of the query based on the number of minutes specified.
  • The maximum size of the long text objects.
External Strategies:
  • External strategies are declared in STG section of .PRM file. We can create the external strategy using either sql or flat file.
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22. What is strategy?
  The strategy is the script that automatically extracts the structural information from the database or flat file.
  • Built-in-strategies
  • External strategies
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23. Where will you find the address of repository in BO?
  BO Main.key, File that contains the address of the repository's security domain.
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24. What is the channel?
  • A channel is a Web site that uses "push" technology, also known as Webcasting, to keep subscribers abreast of up-to-date information.
  • Each BUSINESSOBJECTS channel is associated with a BROADCAST AGENT, itself associated with a user group in the Business Objects repository. One BROADCAST AGENT can have several channels.
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