Business Intelligence Interview Question and Answers

25. How do you define universe parameters?
  • The first step in creating a universe is to specify its parameters.
  • These parameters include the definition of a universe, which is comprised of the universe name, a description of the universe, a connection to an RDBMS. You enter universe parameters from the Universe Parameters dialog box.
  • This dialog box also lets you set up database options, external strategies, graphic options, and print settings.
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26. What do you mean by Object qualification?
  • The qualification of an object reveals how it can be used in multidimensional analysis.
  • An object can be qualified as a dimension, a detail, or a measure.
  • In the Universe pane, the symbol beside each object indicates its qualification.
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27. What is alert message?
  An alert is a message which is displayed before viewing the data records.
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28. What is Drill up/down/by/through?
  • Drill mode allows you to analyze data from different angles and on different levels of detail.
  • Drill down displays next level of detail in hierarchy.
  • Drill up goes back up through the hierarchy to display data on less detailed levels.
  • By using Drill by option you can move to another hierarchy to analyze other data that belongs to a different hierarchy.
  • Drill Through if the lowest level of detail you need is not currently available in the report, you can drill through to the database directly from drill mode and get the data you need. You do not have to edit the query in the Query Panel.
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