Cognos Interview Question and Answers

5. What are the types of studio?
  • Query Studio - is a very user-friendly ad hoc query tool that allows users to easily access information. With Query Studio, the user drags and drops fields to execute queries, and with multiple available options at a touch of the mouse, it can group data, create summaries, display charts, filter information and export data. An Author who has access to Querv Studio is referred to as a Business Author.
  • Metrics Studio - is a powerful scorecard tool that allows for the creation and monitoring of goals through an organization. An Author who has access to Metrics Studio is a Business Manager.
  • Analysis Studio - is the user-friendly tool used to quickly analyze summarized information with powerful dimension and variable crossing for complex analysis, discovery of trends and forecasting. An Author who has access to Analysis Studio is a Business Analyst.
  • Report Studio - is the professional report-authoring tool. The tool allows for the development of pixel-perfect reports, such as invoices and statements, as well as very complex layouts, such as those required for enterprise dashboards. An Author who has access to Report Studio is a Professional Author.
  • Event Studio - is a monitoring tool that allows for the definition of agents that will monitor certain user-defined events and will execute tasks accordingly. They can be saved to Cognos as "agents". Event Studio access is included for Professional Authors.
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6. What are the filters in Framework Manager and Report Studio?
  Filters in framework manager are
  • Standalone filters
  • Embedded filters
    Report studio Filters are
  • Detail filters
  • Summary filters
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7. What is the difference between macros and prompt?
  • Macro is set of instructions to run report.
  • Prompts provide a way to dynamically change the reports.
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8. Define Cognos Report Net?
  Cognos Report Net is the web-based, dynamic, business intelligence reporting solution from Cognos.
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