DWH Interview Question and Answers

9. What are the types of data warehouses?
  There are mainly three type of Data Warehouse.
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Operational data store
  • Data Mart.
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse provide a control Data Base for decision support through out the enterprise.
  • Operational data store has a broad enterprise under scope but unlike a real enterprise DW. Data is refreshed in rare real time and used for routine business activity.
  • Data Mart is a sub part of Data Warehouse. It support a particular reason or it is design for particular lines of business such as sells, marketing or finance, or in any organization documents of a particular department will be data mart.
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10. What is the difference between database and data warehouse?
  • A database is a collection of related data and a database system is a database and database software together.
  • A data warehouse is also a collection of information as well as a supporting system.
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11. What are the benefits of data warehousing?
  • Historical information for comparative and competitive analysis.
  • Enhanced data quality and completeness
  • Supplementing disaster recovery plans with another data backup source.
  • Integrate external as well as internal data
  • Support strategic and long-term business planning
  • Support day to day tactical decisions
  • Enable insight into business trends and business opportunities
  • Organize and store historical data needed for analysis
  • Make available historical data, extending over many years, which enables trend analysis
  • Provide more accurate and complete information
  • Improve knowledge about the business
  • Enable cost effective decision making
  • Provide easy access for end users.
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12. What is the difference between Data warehouse and traditional database?
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