Informatica Interview Question and Answers

45. What are the objects of repository manager?
  • Sources
  • Targets
  • Transformations
  • Mapping
  • Mapplets
  • Tasks
  • Sessions
  • Worklet
  • Workflows
  • Workflow logs and Session logs
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46. What is ER model and Dimensional Model?
  • ER Model - Relational
  • Dimensional - Star Schema(central table fact table with numeric data, all others are linked to central table, faster, but denormalised)
  • Snowflake Schema(one fact table, Normalizing the dimension tables, Fact Constellation(Different fact tables and combined from one datamart to other)
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47. What are Additive Facts?
  • The fact tables are mostly very huge and almost never fetch a single record into our answer set.
  • We fetch a very large number of records on which we then do, adding, counting, averaging, or taking the min or max. The most common of them is adding.
  • Applications are simpler if they store facts in an additive format as often as possible.
  • Thus, in the grocery example, we don’t need to store the unit price.
  • We compute the unit price by dividing the dollar sales by the unit sales whenever necessary.
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48. What is a conformed fact?
  If the definitions of measurements (facts) are highly consistent, we call them as Conformed Facts.
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