Informatica Interview Question and Answers

21. What is power center repository?
  The power center repository allows you to share metadata across repositories to create a data mart domain. In a data mart domain, you can create a single global repository to store metadata used across an enterprise, and a number of local repositories to share the global metadata as needed.
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22. What are the different threads in DTM process?
  • Master thread: Creates and manages all other threads.
  • Mapping thread: One mapping thread will be creates for each session. Fetchs session and mapping information.
  • Pre and post session threads: This will be created to perform pre and post session operations.
  • Reader thread: One thread will be created for each partition of a source. It reads data from source.
  • Writer thread: It will be created to load data to the target.
  • Transformation thread: It will be created to transform data.
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23. Define Informatica Repository?
  • The Informatica repository is a relational database that stores information, or metadata, used by the Informatica Server and Client tools.
  • Metadata can include information such as mappings describing how to transform source data, sessions indicating when you want the Informatica Server to perform the transformations, and connect strings for sources and targets.
  • The repository also stores administrative information such as usernames and passwords, permissions and privileges, and product version.
  • Use repository manager to create the repository.The Repository Manager connects to the repository database and runs the code needed to create the repository tables.
  • These tables stores metadata in specific format the informatica server, client tools use.
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24. What is source qualifier transformation?
  • When you add a relational or a flat file source definition to a mapping, you need to connect it to a source qualifer transformation.
  • The source qualifier transformation represnets the records that the informatica server reads when it runs a session.
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