Asp.Net Interview Question and Answers for Experienced

31. Explain how the server control validation controls work?
  • ASP.NET provides a set of Web server controls called validation controls that provide sophisticated validation on both the client side and the server side depending on the validation settings and the browser's capabilities.
  • ASP.NET ensures that validations are performed on the server side even if they were already performed on the client side.
  • This ensures that validations are not bypassed if a malicious user circumvents client side validation. If the client side validation fails, the server side validation is never performed.
Some validator controls are
  • Requiredfieldvalidator,
  • RangeValidator,
  • CompareValidator,
  • RegularExpressionValidator,
  • CustomValidator,
  • ValidationSummary.
  • You may want to mention about Page. Validate () Method and Page. IsValid Property.
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32. Which two properties are on every validation control?
  Control to Validate and Error Message properties.
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33. To which namespaces do Trace and Debug belong?
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34. What is a Windows process?
  It is an application that's running and had been allocated memory.
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35. What is the difference between inline code and code behind model?
  ASP.NET provides two types of coding styles:
  • Inline coding
  • Code behind file
  • A web form in ASP.NET is assigned the default name as Default.aspx and its source code file is named as Default.aspx is the file where the controls are placed to design user interface. The C# file, Default.aspx .cs is also known as code behind file where code for initializing controls and event handling is written. The idea of having two separate files for every web form is to separate web page designing task from programming task allowing the web page designers and programmers to work simultaneously on the same project without the interfering each other.
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