DIRECTIONS : Multiple Choice Questions and Answers.
21. A celestial body which revolves round the sun and receives heat and light from it is called as
  A.  Planet
  B.  Satellite
  C.  Jupiter
  D.  Moon
22. Earth is the ....... largest planet in the solar system?
  A.  4
  B.  5
  C.  6
  D.  8

23. Comets revolve around
  A.  Sun
  B.  Earth
  C.  Saturn
  D.  Venus
24. Which of the following is termed as the 'Red planet'?
  A.  Mercury
  B.  Saturn
  C.  Mars
  D.  Venus
25. Which of the following is NOT an inner planets?
  A.  Saturn
  B.  Earth
  C.  Mars
  D.  Venus
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