DIRECTIONS : Multiple Choice Questions and Answers.
1. Who among the following stated that the sun is the center of universe?
  A.  Claudius Ptolemy
  B.  Nicholes Copernicus
  C.  Edwin Hubble
  D.  Joannes Kepler
2. Which of the following is not a layer in the solar atmosphere?
  A. Lonosphere
  B. Corona
  C. Photosphere
  D. Chromosphere

3. The period of one revolution of sun around the centre of galaxy is called
  A.  Light year
  B.  Astronomical year
  C.  Parsec
  D.  Cosmic year
4. Solar System was discovered by
  A.  Copernicus
  B.  Kepler
  C.  Galileo
  D.  Eratosthenes
5. Which of the planets is nearest to the Earth?
  A.  Mars
  B.  Jupiter
  C.  Venus
  D.  Mercury

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