Question based on Biology
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Biology.
61. Which of the following is a water borne disease?
  A.  Malaria
  B.  Cholera
  C.  Tuberculosis
  D.  Influenza
62. The Indian Botanical Garden is located at
  A.  Lucknow
  B.  Delhi
  C.  Allahabad
  D.  Kolkata

63. Which of the following is used as an ornamental plant?
  A.  Pteris
  B.  Lycopodium
  C.  Psilotum
  D.  Sellaginella
64. Vitamin C is absent in
  A.  Date
  B.  Apple
  C.  Strawberry
  D.  Apricot
65. Which of the following disease was prevalent among Red Indians?
  A.  Aids
  B.  Gonorrhoea
  C.  Syphilis
  D.  Fibrosis

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