Question based on Biology
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Biology.
71. The type of fruit seen is Jack is
  A.  Caryopsis
  B.  Berry
  C.  Legume
  D.  Sorosis
72. Flowers having superior ovary are termed as
  A.  Epigynous
  B.  Hypogynous
  C.  Perigynous
  D.  Apogynous

73. Bamboo is an example for
  A.  Annual
  B.  Biennial
  C.  Biannual
  D.  Perennial
74. The axis of inflorescence is called
  A.  Pedicel
  B.  Peduncle
  C.  Stipule
  D.  Bract
75. The process of evaporation occurs from
  A.  Root
  B.  Leaf
  C.  Stem
  D.  Entire plants surface

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