Books and Authors

DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Books and Authors.
46. Mrichchhakatika was written by
  A.  Banabhatta
  B.  Kalhana
  C.  Vikramaditya
  D.  Shudraka
47. The book Satanic Verses was written by
  A.  William Golding
  B.  Salman Rushdie
  C.  Gunnar Myrdal
  D.  Gunnar Myrdal

48. The book Lolita is written by
  A.  Leo Tolstoy
  B.  Boris Pasternak
  C.  Vladimir Nabakov
  D.  None of these
49. The book Light That Failed was written by
  A.  T.S. Eliot
  B.  Amrita Pritam
  C.  John Ruskin
  D.  Rudyard Kipling
50. The first History Book was written by
  A.  Aristotle
  B.  Euclid
  C.  Herodotus
  D.  Julius Caesar
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