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DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Books and Authors.
11. Who is the Father of English Poetry?
  A.  Charles Dickens
  B.  Milton
  C.  Wordsworth
  D.  Chaucer
12. Na Khatma Hone Wali Kahani is the autobiography of
  A. T.N.Sheshan
  B. Ambitabh Bachchan
  C. Sonia Gandhi
  D. V.P.Singh

13. Who wrote the original Panchatantra?
  A.  Vishnu Sharma
  B.  Kalidasa
  C.  Tulsi Das
  D.  Samudra Gupta
14. The book The Players of the Past has been written by
  A.  David Candena
  B.  M.N.Srinivas
  C.  K.A.Abbas
  D.  Khushwant Singh
15. Who are The Little People of the Rocks, who Mowgli uses against the Red Dogs?
  A.  Snakes
  B.  Bees
  C.  A kind of Indian fairy
  D.  A neighbouring wolf pack
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