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DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Books and Authors.
16. The song Bande Mataram was originally composed in
  A.  Assamese
  B.  Bengali
  C.  Hindi
  D.  Sanskrit
17. My Life is the autobiography of
  A.  APJ Abdul kalam
  B.  Rajenndra Prasad
  C.  Bill Clinton
  D.  Hillary Clinton

18. The Author of India Divided is
  A.  Rajendra Prasad
  B.  V.V.Giri
  C.  F.A.Ahmed
  D.  Zail Singh
19. Shakespeare's character named Beatrice appears in which play?
  A.  The Tempest
  B.  Othello
  C.  Much Ado About Nothing
  D.  A MidsummerNightsDream
20. Who is the Author of The Name Of The Rose?
  A.  John Steinbeck
  B.  William Shakespeare
  C.  Umberto Eco
  D.  J.K. Rowling
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