Books and Authors

DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Books and Authors.
1. The autobiography "Living History" has been authored by
  A.  Margaret Atwood
  B.  Benazir Bhutto
  C.  Hilary Clinton
  D.  Monica Lewinsky
2. Who has written Shakuntala?
  A. Kalidasa
  B. Kabir
  C. Tulisidas
  D. none

3. Who has written Mother India ?
  A.  Sarojini Naidu
  B.  Rajiv Gandhi
  C.  Jawaharlal Nehru
  D.  Katherine Mayo
4. Who wrote the songs of Kaho naa Pyaar Hai?
  A.  Ibrahim Ashq
  B.  Mehboob
  C.  Anand Bakshi
  D.  Sameer
5. Who is the author of Hamlet?
  A.  Christopher Marlowe
  B.  Geoffrey Chaucer
  C.  William Shakespeare
  D.  Edith Wharton

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