chemistry based questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Chemistry.
66. Which alloy contains nickel?
  A.  Brass
  B.  Bronze
  C.  Invar
  D.  Solder
67. Which one of the following elements is not present in stainless steel?
  A.  Iron
  B.  Tungsten
  C.  Chromium
  D.  Nickel

68. Bronze is an alloy of
  A.  Tin and zinc
  B.  Iron and zinc
  C.  Copper and zinc
  D.  Copper and tin
69. Which of the following is a super cooled liquid?
  A.  Teflon
  B.  Glass
  C.  Mercury
  D.  Ice cream
70. Curd is sour due to presence of
  A.  Acidic acid
  B.  Tartaric acid
  C.  Lactic acid
  D.  Oxalic acid