chemistry based questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Chemistry.
81. The iron layered with zinc is called
  A.  Pig iron
  B.  Cost iron
  C.  Galvanised iron
  D.  Steel
82. When quick lime is added to water
  A.  Heat is liberated
  B.  Heat is absorbed
  C.  Temperature decreases
  D.  No heat change takes place

83. The cathode of a lead storage battery is made up of
  A.  Zinc
  B.  Lead oxide
  C.  Manganese dioxide
  D.  Lead
84. Vinegar is trade name of
  A.  Acetic acid
  B.  Chloroform
  C.  Ethyl alcohol
  D.  Carbon tetrachloride
85. Which of the following elements behave chemically both as metal and non metal?
  A.  Boron
  B.  Argon
  C.  Carbon
  D.  Xenon