chemistry based questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Chemistry.
91. Which among the following gases is used to manufacture chloroform?
  A.  Methane
  B.  Propane
  C.  Ether
  D.  Radon
92. Which metal was first used by man?
  A.  Aluminium
  B.  Gold
  C.  Iron
  D.  Brass

93. Deep blue colour is imported to glass by the presence of
  A.  Cupric oxide
  B.  Ferrous oxide
  C.  Cobalt oxide
  D.  Nickel oxide
94. What is the most common soil in sea water?
  A.  Sodium chloride
  B.  Calcium carbonate
  C.  Potassium chloride
  D.  Magnesium sulphate
95. Select the one which is not a mixture?
  A.  Air
  B.  Gasoline
  C.  LPG
  D.  Distilled water