chemistry based questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Chemistry.
16. Which one of the following is correct ?
Butter is
  A.  A super cooled oil
  B.  an emulsion
  C.  a molecular solid
  D.  none of these
17. Which one of the following is an element ?
  A.  Topaz
  B.  Diamond
  C.  Ruby
  D.  Sapphire

18. What are soaps?
  A.  Salts of silicates
  B.  Esters of heavy fatty acids
  C.  Sodium, salts of heavier fatty acids
  D.  Mixture of glycerol and alcohols
19. In vulcanisation, natural rubber is heated with
  A.  carbon
  B.  Silicon
  C.  Sulphur
  D.  Phosphorus
20. Which variety of glass is heat resistant?
  A.  Hard glass
  B.  Flint glass
  C.  Pyrex glass
  D.  Bottle glass