Computer Knowledge and Literature

General Knowledge Questions for Computer
DIRECTIONS : Objective Question on Computer Knowledge.
71. DMA module can communicate with CPU through
  A.  Signal sensor
  B.  Branch instruction
  C.  Cycle stealing
  D.  Interrupt
72. In shell programming which of the following command is used for character translation?
  A.  dd
  B.  tr
  C.  grep
  D.  sed

73. Memory allocation at the running time is known as
  A.  Static memory allocation
  B.  Dynamic memory allocation
  C.  Demanding
  D.  Paging
74. Which bar is usually located below that Title bar that provides categorized options?
  A.  Tool bar
  B.  Menu bar
  C.  Status bar
  D.  Scroll bar
75. Which of the following protocols is used by Internet mail?
  A.  FTP
  B.  HTTP
  C.  TCP/IP
  D.  TCP/IP