Computer Knowledge and Literature

General Knowledge Questions for Computer
DIRECTIONS : Objective Question on Computer Knowledge.
76. Which of the following cannot be shared?
  A.  Scanner
  B.  Plotter
  C.  Printer
  D.  Mouse
77. Which of the following is the fastest?
  A.  Tapes
  B.  Hard disk
  C.  Floppy disks
  D.  Cds

78. Which type of RAM is normally the fastest?
  A.  DRAM
  B.  VRAM
  C.  WRAM
  D.  SRAM
79. A group of related records in a database is called a(n)
  A.  Key
  B.  Table
  C.  Object
  D.  Column
80. BCD is
  A.  Binary Coded Decimal
  B.  Bit Coded Decimal
  C.  Bit Coded Digit
  D.  Binary Coded Digit