Computer Knowledge and Literature

General Knowledge Questions for Computer
DIRECTIONS : Objective Question on Computer Knowledge.
16. Full form of TCP is
  A.  Transmission control program
  B.  Transmission control protocol
  C.  Total control Protocol
  D.  Totalling control program
17. __________ normally certifies a site on the internet as a secure site.
  A.  Crisil
  B.  Verisign
  C.  CRA
  D.  None of these

18. _______ is processed by the computer into information.
  A.  Numbers
  B.  Processor
  C.  Input
  D.  Data
19. The DBMS is divided into
  A.  Hierarchical model
  B.  Networking model
  C.  Relational model
  D.  All the above
20. __________ is the process of carrying out commands.
  A.  Fetching
  B.  Storing
  C.  Executing
  D.  Decoding