Computer Knowledge and Literature

General Knowledge Questions for Computer
DIRECTIONS : Objective Question on Computer Knowledge.
21. GCA stands for
  A.  Graphic Conversion Assembler
  B.  Graphic Command Assembler
  C.  Graphic Coded Assembler
  D.  Graphic Common Assembler
22. FoxPro is generally used for
  A.  Business applications
  B.  Engineering applications
  C.  Scientific calculations
  D.  None of these

23. The computer abbreviation K. B. usually means
  A.  Kernel Boot
  B.  Kit Bit
  C.  Key Block
  D.  Kilo Byte
24. A(n) _________ contains commands that can be selected.
  A.  Pointer
  B.  Menu
  C.  Icon
  D.  Button
25. An error is also known as
  A.  Debug
  B.  Icon
  C.  Bug
  D.  Cursor