Computer Quiz

General Knowledge Questions for Computer
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Computers.
56. One press F1 key to ----------
  A.  Cut
  B.  Display help
  C.  Copy
  D.  Paste
57. To minimize all of the windows ----------
  A.  Windows Logo + M
  B.  Windows Logo
  C.  Windows Logo + BREAK
  D.  Windows Logo + D

58. The first commercially available computer is ---------
  A.  IBM
  D.  MACK
59. A number system with a base of 8 is referred as
  A.  Binary
  B.  Octal
  C.  Decimal
  D.  Hexadecimal
60. Software is -------
  A.  Equipment
  B.  Peripheral
  C.  Computer program
  D.  None of these