Computer Quiz

General Knowledge Questions for Computer
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Computers.
61. An automatic machine that is made toper forms routine human tasks is
  A.  Computer
  B.  Robot
  C.  Tanker
  D.  None of these
62. An optical input device that is used to read documents printed in a special type font is known as
  A.  Documentation
  B.  Printer
  C.  Scanner
  D.  Document reader

63. One or more identifying lines printed at the bottom of a page are referred as ---------
  A.  Header
  B.  Index
  C.  Footer
  D.  None of these
64. The Vacuum Tube are related to ---------------
  A.  First generation computers
  B.  Second generation computers
  C.  Third generation computers
  D.  Fourth generation computers
65. Following is not a non impact printer -------
  A.  Thermal printer
  B.  Ink jet printer
  C.  Dot matrix printer
  D.  Laser printer