Computer Quiz

General Knowledge Questions for Computer
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Computers.
96. A system software package that converts a high level language program to machine language is known as -----------
  A.  AmiPro
  B.  Compiler
  C.  Comment
  D.  Collate
97. The following is not a input devices ---------
  A.  Keyboard
  B.  Printer
  C.  Voice recognition devices
  D.  Optical scanners

98. The following is computer software -------
  A.  Impact printer
  B.  Console
  C.  Payroll package
  D.  OCR
99. The following is not an operating system ------------
  B.  UNIX
  C.  Linux
  D.  Window XP
100. One can input data through ------------
  A.  Keyboard
  B.  Printer
  C.  CPU
  D.  All the above