Computer Quiz

General Knowledge Questions for Computer
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Computers.
116. In a Pascal procedure, the parameters are separated by ----------
  A.  Colon
  B.  Comma
  C.  Semicolon
  D.  Blank space
117. Programs stored in ROM are called ------------
  A.  Hardware
  B.  Software
  C.  Firmware
  D.  None of these

118. In virtual storage, program segments stored on disk during processing are called
  A.  Sections
  B.  Partitions
  C.  Sectors
  D.  Pages
119. --------- is need to build dynamic web documents.
  A.  HTML
  B.  CGI
  C.  Java
  D.  All of the above
120. Web pages are written using
  A.  HTTP
  B.  HTML
  C.  FTP
  D.  URL