Computer Quiz

General Knowledge Questions for Computer
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Computers.
16. ________ needs a compiler to compile the source code?
  A.  Basic
  B.  C/C++
  C.  D base
  D.  Oracle
17. The computer is a machine and all other equipments associated with it, are termed as
  A.  Hardware
  B.  Software
  C.  Firmware
  D.  Humanware

18. The component of a computer system with the circuitry to control interpretation and execution of an instruction is known as
  A.  ALU
  B.  Memory
  C.  Control
  D.  CPU
19. window's settings are recorded in
20. Which of the following was the first Intel processor introduced?
  A.  3080
  B.  4004
  C.  8080
  D.  8086