Computer Quiz

General Knowledge Questions for Computer
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Computers.
21. In C++ , a function contained within a class is called
  A.  an operator
  B.  a member fuction
  C.  a method
  D.  a class function
22. Which of the following is a network?
  A. LAN
  B. MAN
  C. WAN
  D. All of these

23. The first commerically available computer was
  A.  mark-1
  B.  abacus
  C.  univac-1
  D.  eniac
24. Choose the odd-one-out.
  A.  Cobol
  B.  Fortran
  C.  Assembler
  D.  Pascal
25. Which was an early mainframe computer?
  B.  UNIC