Computer Quiz

General Knowledge Questions for Computer
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Computers.
36. The processor which performs arithmetical and logical operations is called
  A.  control
  B.  Alu
  C.  register
  D.  cache memory
37. The results of arithmetical and logical operations are stored in a / an
  A.  accumulator
  B.  instruction register
  C.  cache
  D.  Rom

38. Which one of the following is volatile?
  A.  Ram
  D.  Rom
39. A computer requires one of the following to boot?
  A.  a loader
  B.  a compiler
  C.  an operating system
  D.  an assembler
40. Which of the following operating systems is produced by IBM?
  A.  OS-2
  B.  Windows
  C.  DOS
  D.  UNIX