Computer Quiz

General Knowledge Questions for Computer
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Computers.
1. A piece of equipment that holds the screen
  A.  Video
  B.  Desktop
  C.  Modem
  D.  Monitor
2. This is the part of the computer system that one can touch _________
  A. Hardware
  B. Data
  C. Software
  D. Input

3. Which type of file is created by word processing programs?
  A.  Database file
  B.  Storage file
  C.  Worksheet file
  D.  Document file
4. A group of characters that have a predefined meaning
  A.  File
  B.  Database
  C.  Field
  D.  Keyboard
5. An instruction key series instructs computer for one or more particular task perform
  A.  Database
  B.  Programme
  C.  Spreadsheet
  D.  Voice Activation