Computer and Information Technology

General Knowledge Questions for Computer
DIRECTIONS : Objective Question on Computer Knowledge.
1. The server on the internet is also known as
  A.  Repeater
  B.  Gateway
  C.  AND Gate
  D.  Host
2. In virtual storage, program segments stored on disk during processing are called
  A. Sectors
  B. Pages
  C. Partitions
  D. Sections

3. _______ provides a common address space and routes the packets of data across the entire Internet.
  A.  IP
  B.  TCP
  C.  UDP
  D.  None of these
4. An optical input device that is used to read documents printed in a special type font is known as
  A.  Printer
  B.  Documentation
  C.  Document reader
  D.  None of these
5. Data communications involving telegraph lines uses
  A.  Simplex lines
  B.  Wideband channels
  C.  Narrowband channels
  D.  Dialed service


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