Famous Personalities

DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Famous Personalities.
16. Which of the following personalities is credited with starting Van Mahotsava in 2950?
  A.  Jawaharlal Nehru
  B.  KM Munshi
  C.  Sardar Patel
  D.  None of these
17. Norman Ernest Borlaug, who is regarded as the father of the Green Revolution in India is from which country?
  A. USA
  B. Mexico
  C. Australia
  D. New Zealand

18. Meghnad Saha is known for his contribution in which one of the following fields?
  A.  Physics
  B.  Medical Science
  C.  Environmental Science
  D.  History
19. Who among the following is considered as the inventor of the World Wide Web(WWW)?
  A.  Edward Kasner
  B.  Bill Gates
  C.  Tim Berners-lee
  D.  Vinod Dham
20. Who among the following is a Hindustani Classical Singer?
  A.  Geeta Chandran
  B.  Leela Samson
  C.  Gangubai Hangal
  D.  Swapnasundari
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