Famous Personalities

DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Famous Personalities.
31. Maiden Queen was the nickname of
  A.  Queen Mary
  B.  Queen Victoria
  C.  Queen Elizabeth-I
  D.  Queen Elizabeth-II
32. With which of the following fields is M.F.Hussian associated?
  A. Social work
  B. Painting
  C. Music
  D. Literature

33. Ashok Pandit is known for his outstanding performance in which of the following?
  A.  Kabaddi
  B.  Wrestling
  C.  Swimming
  D.  Shooting
34. With which musical instrument was Ustad Mustaq Ali Khan associated
  A.  Sitar
  B.  Shehnai
  C.  Tabla
  D.  Flute
35. Who among the following is not reputed as a painter?
  A.  Laxman Pal
  B.  Nandlal Bose
  C.  Amrita Shergill
  D.  Satish Gujaral
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