Famous Personalities

DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Famous Personalities.
36. Naina Devi, was associated with which of the following?
  A.  Stage acting
  B.  Classical dance
  C.  Vocal Music
  D.  Social service
37. In which field Aachan Maharaj has distinguished himself?
  A. Drama
  B. Dance
  C. Vocal Music
  D. Painting

38. Which of the following films has won 9 Oscar Awards in 1988?
  A.  Rain Man
  B.  Amadeus
  C.  The World Safari
  D.  The Last Emperor
39. Baden Powell is associated with
  A.  Sports
  B.  Film Direction
  C.  Painting
  D.  Scouting
40. The name of Pierre Cardin is associated with which of the following fields?
  A.  Films
  B.  Painting
  C.  Fashion Designing
  D.  Pop Music
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