Famous Places

Indian Geography Questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Famous places.
1. Which of the following cities is known as Electronic City of India?
  A.  Mumbai
  B.  Gurgaon
  C.  Bangalore
  D.  Hyderabad
2. The largest Indian State by area is
  A. Maharashtra
  B. Rajasthan
  C. Andhra Pradesh
  D. Madhya Pradesh

3. Central Road Research Institute is in
  A.  Delhi
  B.  Bangalore
  C.  Roorkee
  D.  Hyderabad
4. The world famous Ajanta caves are situated in the state of
  A.  Orissa
  B.  Karnataka
  C.  Maharashtra
  D.  Madhya Pradesh
5. Vikram Sarabhai Space centre is located at
  A.  Pune
  B.  Ahmedabad
  C.  Sriharikota
  D.  Thiruvananthapuram