General Awareness

Indian Geography Questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on World Organisation.
46. Who is the author of Amrita Phula?
  A.  NirmalVerma
  B.  NirmalVerma
  C.  Manoj Das
  D.  Shankar Ghose
47. The main river flowing in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is
  A.  Chenab
  B.  Jhelum
  C.  Nubra
  D.  Indus

48. World Literacy Day is observed on
  A.  Aug 6
  B.  Sep 5
  C.  Oct 24
  D.  Sep 8
49. The highest waterfall in India is
  A.  Courtallam
  B.  Jog
  C.  Sivasundaram
  D.  Hogenakal
50. January 15 is celebrated as the
  A.  Ugadhi
  B.  Army Day
  C.  Makar Sakranti
  D.  Republic Day