General Awareness

Indian Geography Questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on World Organisation.
56. National School of mines is located in which of the following cities?
  A.  Pune
  B.  Kavalpur
  C.  Udaipur
  D.  Hyderabad
57. Ornithology is
  A.  The study of bones
  B.  The study of plants
  C.  The study of inscriptions
  D.  The study of birds

58. The highest peak in South India is
  A.  Nilgiris
  B.  Doda Betta
  C.  Anaimudi
  D.  Kalsubai
59. Which of the following is the Capital of Bulgaria?
  A.  Danube
  B.  Sofia
  C.  Belgrade
  D.  Rio de Janeiro
60. The main occupation of the people of the Indus valley civilization was
  A.  Cattle rearing
  B.  Trade
  C.  Agriculture
  D.  Hunting