General Awareness

Indian Geography Questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on World Organisation.
81. The colour of light is determined by
  A.  Wavelength
  B.  Velocity
  C.  Intensity
  D.  Amplitude
82. This is used as water softeners
  A.  Alizarin
  B.  Ultramarines
  C.  Bakelite
  D.  Zeolites

83. A common ore for copper is
  A.  Bauxite
  B.  Haematite
  C.  Malachite
  D.  Magnetite
84. The most widely grown bast fibre plant in India is
  A.  Jute
  B.  Flax
  C.  Cotton
  D.  Hemp
85. Name the district where Mudumalai Sanctuary is located in Tamil Nadu?
  A.  Tirunelveli
  B.  Ramnad
  C.  Thanjavur
  D.  Nilgiris