General Awareness

Indian Geography Questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on World Organisation.
6. In which city, the maximum foreign companies are registered?
  A.  Manglore
  B.  Mumbai
  C.  Gurgaon
  D.  New Delhi
7. The country producing the maximum silk in the world is
  A.  India
  B.  China
  C.  Japan
  D.  South Korea

8. The headquarters of World Bank is situated at
  A.  Manila
  B.  Geneva
  C.  New York
  D.  Washington D.C.
9. Which one of the following energy sources is most environment friendly?
  A.  Petroleum products
  B.  Forest products
  C.  Nuclear fission
  D.  Solar cells
10. The Chinese Republic was proclaimed in the year
  A.  1947
  B.  1949
  C.  1948
  D.  1946