General Science Gk Questions

DIRECTIONS : Objective Question on General Science.
66. The maximum temperature the human skin can tolerate without getting blisters is
  A.  40° C
  B.  60° C
  C.  80° C
  D.  100° C
67. An ant can see the object all round it due to the presence of
  A.  Simple eyes
  B.  Eyes over the head
  C.  Well developed eyes
  D.  Compound eyes
68. In which type of rocks are metals like gold and copper mostly found?
  A.  Old metamorphic
  B.  Old igneous
  C.  Old sedimentary
  D.  New metamorphic
69. Which of the following pairs does not contain a coinage metal?
  A.  Zinc and gold
  B.  Copper and gold
  C.  Silver and gold
  D.  Copper and silver
70. In radar system, the transmitting antenna is of
  A.  Rotating type in vertical plane
  B.  Rotating type in azimuth or vertical plane of both
  C.  Fixed type
  D.  Rotating type in azimuth

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