General Science Gk Questions

DIRECTIONS : Objective Question on General Science.
6. Which of the following is an element?
  A.  Ruby
  B.  Diamond
  C.  Sapphire
  D.  Emerald
7. Which of the following vitamins is consider to be a hormone?
  A.  Vitamin a
  B.  Vitamin b
  C.  Vitamin c
  D.  Vitamin d
8. Which sugar is present in considerable amount in the blood?
  A.  Galactose
  B.  Glucose
  C.  Sucrose
  D.  Fructose
9. Blood group of an individual is controlled by
  A.  Shape of WBC
  B.  Shape of RBC
  C.  Haemoglobin
  D.  Genes
10. In an ordinary dry cell, the electrolyte is
  A.  Zinc
  B.  Manganese dioxide
  C.  Ammonium chloride
  D.  Sulphuric acid
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