World Important days in JUNE | Important Days in June

Important days in JUNE

World’s Important Days are actually not holidays. But to the International community and United Nations, World’s Important Days may be treated as favorite holidays for they have something to commemorate, promote or mobilize.

World’s Important Days or International Days are days to observe issue of world’s concern and interest. These international days are really days used by the world community to commemorate, promote and mobilize for certain action.
June 1 » International Children’s Day
June 4 » International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
June 5 » World Environment Day
June 8 » World Brain Tumors Day
June 8 » World Ocean Day
June 12 » World Day Against Child Labor
June 14 » World Blood Donor Day
June 15 » World Father’s Day
June 16 » International Integration Day
June 17 » World Combat Day to Desertification and Drought
June 18 » International Picnic Day
June 20 » World Refugee Day
June 21 » World Music Day
June 23 » International Olympic Day
June 23 » United Nations Public Service Day
June 26 » International Day against Drug abuse and Illicit Trafficking
June 26 » International Day in Support of Victims of Torture